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Triven Moonsamy was one of the recipients who participated in our Fireworx/Hero777 Bravissimo event last year. We first met him in 2013 when both he and Matthew, as awaiting transplant patients, got to meet Chad Le Chlos in the run up to the 2013 World Transplant Games in Durban. This special young man left an indelible mark on our lives and as he passed away just months after our Bravissimo event last year – we wanted to share this tribute with you. (Janet Legemaate)


Triven – By Kay Moonsamy (Triven’s mom)

Wednesday the 18th of December 1996, at 8:30 pm this world was blessed with an angel.

Wednesday the 5th of December 2018, at 8:30 pm our angel was called back to heaven.

Triven Moonsamy, you touched hearts so deeply that your touch will be felt forever. From sports to cars, to family and food, you truly did live. You had achieved more than many could have dreamed of, all at the tender age of 21. Growing up you were always the most mischievous. Your beady eyes held so much adventure, which you never stopped going after. You are an inspiration to all that knew you and some who didn’t know you, that is how far your reach extended. At 17 you received your second chance at life, receiving your heart transplant. Less than a year later you were in college studying. You didn’t let anything slow you down; your determination had no boundaries.

Once you had set your mind on something you didn’t hesitate to go after it. You have given so many people a map to living, by showing them how you handled the hurdles life threw at you and by never giving up. You cherished your second chance at life and lived so fully. Your fight was worth it. We are so grateful to your donor, for allowing us 4 more years with you.

You are loved by your beautiful mum, who had sat beside you through it all, holding your hand, a loving father that supported you in everything you did, two sisters who never let you have a single moment of silence, and a wonderful girlfriend that never let go, holding your hand till the end. Not forgetting the bounty of friends and family that love you more than possible.

You lived your life at full speed, which is probably why you loved fast cars more than most things. Your energetic soul and playful laugh will be missed greatly. To grieve a loss like you is unimaginably painful, but we seek comfort in knowing that you’re always in our hearts and smiling down on us from heaven. You will never be forgotten and you made sure of that. Thank you for loving and living so beautifully. Thank you God for lending us your angel

To the sweetest boy who grew into a wonderful man. We will love and miss you for now, until we meet again. We can’t wait to see your cheeky smile again.



Triven – by Annie (ICU Unit Manager)

One cannot help but smile when thinking of Triven. He had a beautiful, kind and gentle soul. Always the gentleman, always smiling. I had already moved to Busamed Gateway Private Hospital when he had his transplant at EHHC but followed his progress closely.

Triven was admitted to my unit a few times post-transplant. Not once did he complain or feel sorry for himself. This young man had the courage and determination of an army and he kept moving forward. I would often find my staff around his bed and he would be telling them about his dreams and aspirations. He also taught them a lot about organ donation and how it changed his life. He spoke of his donor angel so often and with such respect and gratitude.

One day a patient that was in a bed near Triven called me over. He asked me about Triven and then became so emotional. He said that he was aware of transplants but did not realize what it really meant until he was listening to Triven. Later that same day I heard this patient tell his grandsons all about organ donation and that they must register as organ donors and tell all their friends to do the same.

The Hero777 event “Bravissimo” in 2018 was a high light for Triven. He was so excited and worried that he would not be discharged before the fundraiser. I would catch him and my staff laughing as they were all giving him modelling lessons. That was Triven; he brought love and laughter where ever he went.

I am so grateful and honoured to have been part of this exceptional young man’s journey and I miss him so much. Thank you for the memories and life lessons, Triven, you will never be forgotten. (By Annie)




I would like to tell you a little about my extraordinary journey that lead to me becoming a heart transplant recipient at nineteen years of age. My journey began ten years ago when I met the amazing Dr Guy Letcure. Although if I am really honest, I didn’t initially think he was amazing. Here I was, a 12 year old boy, seeing a cardiologist only to find out that I had a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me…

This condition develops when the hearts ability to pump blood is affected. The left ventricle (the pumping chamber of the heart) becomes enlarged and weakens so it is unable to pump blood as effectively as it should. There are cases where it becomes so bad that the heart cannot relax and allow blood to fill the chambers on its own.

My life was about to become significantly challenging and the thoughts that I was so different to my peers were often around. I was fortunate to have an incredible support system who were stronger than I was, and soon days turned into months and months turned into years and I started to accept the fact that this is what my journey is about, I was back to normal I was myself. I started playing sport and more importantly I didn’t let my illness stop me from living as normal as possible… I chose to live life.

As the years went by my condition started to deteriorate, but it was still manageable. It had become routine to ensure I didn’t put strain on my heart, that I was careful of what I did, where I was, and what my surrounding were. I watched my health constantly. It was exhausting. At the beginning of my final year in high school, my condition started to worsen and a pacemaker was inserted to regulate my heart beat. When I got back to school after receiving the pacemaker, trial examinations were about to start, so the pressure started and the work load just got a lot more than I expected.

On the day I wrote my first trial paper, around about 3pm, I was walking into my house when my pacemaker shocked me. This is when I realized that I needed that new heart sooner than later. I had already been on the transplant waiting list for a few years prior to the peacemaker incident. At this point I was ready to give up on life, I was ready to accept, that okay this is how things will be. I remember having lunch with my mother and telling her that this heart transplant needs to happen because I could feel my body lose hope,

A few nights later at about 2a.m or so we got a call from the hospital with the exciting and terrifying news: that they had a donor heart for me. We were given a few hours to get to the hospital. The wait at the hospital made me anxious. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, and when I went into the theatre I wasn’t sure of whether I should be scared or happy. In reality a part of me was happy, I was getting another chance at life and not many people get that, and a part of me was scared because there was a 50 % chance that I would make the operation. Most of all I was thankful; thankful to my donor family for this gift of a second chance, thankful to the doctors and medical staff who fought for me, for the family and friends that supported me and thankful to God

After a very successful surgery by Mr Kleinloog and team, I was ready to tackle all obstacles to get back to full health. A few weeks later I was back home. As with any surgery and recovery there were challenges, like being isolated from many people, but I was determined to look after this new heart of mine.

It is almost 4 years since my transplant, I am fully healed and healthy and my journey continues. The journey of passing and receiving knowledge continues as I get to speak to people and let them know how important it is to be an organ donor and how thankful I am, to be a walking advert for the importance of organ transplantation. My life has been changed for the better and I can’t wait to go forward and make a better life for myself and others.

Please Talk about, Register as and Share your decision to be a potential organ and tissue donor. #BeAHero

(By Triven Moonsamy)


  1. B

    Triven will always be remembered and forever in not only my heart but everyone,I couldn’t be more proud to call a wonderful person like that one of my friends❤

  2. Sophia Dower

    This is so moving and heart-wrenching. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. loshnee reddy

    thats just how i remember this handsome child with the sweetest smile and remarkable respect …..r.i.p triv till today i still find it hard to believe that you been called to rest

  4. Sadhna

    I cannot believe what I am reading. Cannot believe he is gone. Triven was so dear and special to me. He was such a postive, amazing strong and determined young man. I was with him when he first had his pacemaker inserted at EHHC and thereafter for a few other visits to the Cath Lab.. Triven reminded me of my son, so I guess I gave him extra TLC. To Triven’s amazing mum and sisters. My deepest condolences to you and your family. May God give you all strength for your loss. He will forever be in our hearts. Sadhna Cath Lab.

  5. Mark James

    God only choses the best to be his angels. Triven is one of them. A short but fruitful life. We all can learn from this and live everyday like it is the last. Give off your best and help someone in need. In the dealings I had with Triven he was a very respectable and generous young man. Guess he gets this from his parents. What a remarkable young man who will be sadly missed.


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