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A couple of months ago we had registered 10 800 new organ and tissue donors through Matthew’s Journey and Hero777. To date we have now registered 17 087 new organ and tissue donors who are going to impact other people positively one day. My challenge to South African’s is to help me register 50 000 new organ and tissue donors through Hero777. We are almost 40% there!

You may ask, why I want to do this? Well, I was one of the 4300 plus people in South Africa waiting for a life saving transplant and had this goal on my bucket list.

This was until I was given an incredible gift a couple of months ago… I received a heart and double lung transplant from an angel donor after waiting almost 7 years. This transplant has not only made it possible for me to spend another Christmas period with my family, to celebrate my upcoming birthday in January, but it has given me the gift of time to fulfil my dreams in so many areas. I would love each and every person on the transplant list to be given a second chance.

The lack of donor referrals in South Africa greatly impacts on people receiving transplants and that second chance at life.

Will you join me in TALKING about, REGISTERING as and SHARING your decision to be an organ and tissue donor and thereby giving awaiting patients HOPE for their futures?

Matthew Legemaate

What is the Hero777 Challenge?

This is Matthew’s desire to register 50 000 new organ and tissue donors and to leave a legacy behind.
What do you need to do? The idea is that everyone SHARE the #Hero777aware challenge! Which is…

1. SIGN UP as an organ donor through
2. TAKE A “SELFIE” and post it (see mine below, or print the hero777 pic and pose with it.
3. CHALLENGE 7 friends to do the same and to challenge 7 of their friends to repeat this! (Copy and paste this text!)
4. If you are already registered, please complete step 2 AND 3. We need YOUR HELP to get #Hero777aware to 50 000 and to make a real make a difference…

So, why the Hero777 Challenge? There are approximately 4300 people in South Africa waiting for a life saving organ or a cornea transplant. Less than 600 transplants were done in South Africa last year. Sadly, many of the people waiting for transplants will not see Christmas this year and many will be on the transplant list for years and may still not receive their gift.



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Sharing is caring!