Why should you share your decision to become an organ donor?

  1. In South Arica your next of kin makes the final decision regarding your organ donor referral.


  1. Knowing your decision makes it easier in a very difficult and emotional time for your family to make a decision and to live with that decision on your donor referral.


  1. If the medical professionals know that you registered to donate your organs, they will ask your next of kin to support your decision to be a donor. This is helped along if they see a donor sticker on your ID, Passport, Driver’s license, medical aid card, cell phone etc.


  1. If you register to be an organ donor without discussing it with your next of kin, it may come as a surprise to them. This may make the decision to follow through on your wishes harder for them to do.

In order to make a REAL DIFFERENCE you therefore need to: TALK about your decision, REGISTER with the Organ Donor Foundation and SHARE your decision proudly with all your family and friends.