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It was only since we entered the New Year that our visits have become twice weekly to Busamed Gateway Private Hospital for regular check-ups post-transplant. Matthew is being given a little more freedom too, as long as he is careful and keeps away from anyone who may be ill or places where there is no free flowing air. It is only when you are told to stay out of cinemas and planes (for a year) and away from malls when they are busy (for the first six months) that you realise with a compromised immunity you are really at risk.

Matthew’s biokinetics and physiotherapy continues and will do so for as long as it is needed. We are incredibly pleased to see him walking without his foot brace, despite the pain he often has. I actually watched him do an hour on the stationary bicycle tonight in absolute amazement. We have of course had loads of fun with all the breathing exercises he has to do to train himself to breathe properly again. Brian even taught him one of the exercises he used to do when he did singing lessons. OH BOY! Neither Matthew nor I can sing a note so this was indeed hilarious.

As we start off this New Year, we are expecting some of Matthew’s medication to be reduced and others to be changed in the next couple of months. This is one regime all transplant recipients need to get used to. For Matthew who hasn’t gone a single day in his life without some form of medication he has taken this in his stride. He doesn’t particularly like the moon face that is caused by the prednisone (contains cortisone) nor how quickly his hair is growing, a side effect of one of the medications, but says that it is a small price to pay for being able to live, breathe, dream and do all he ever hoped to.

So what does 2018 have in store for Matthew? He first has to comply with all that the doctors tell him to do to ensure he remains well. Then he needs to finish his studies and all the photography courses he is enrolled in, get his driver’s licence, and work exceptionally hard at getting fit and staying that way. His one exercise goal for this year is to ride the 35 km Amashova Classic! He already has a team of people who will be riding with him to support him honouring his donor and creating more organ and tissue donor awareness, which is great. If we can raise the sponsorship we hope to have every member of the team in a Hero777 riding shirt. Heh! If you would like to ride with us too, please put your hand up!



Sharing is caring!