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You are most probably aware of the Starfish Story with all its variations.  The basic story is about a girl on a beach that is strewn with starfishes that washed up during high tide.  The tide has receded and being out of the water, they will certainly die.  The child picks up one starfish and throws it back into the sea.  She bends down again, picks up another one and throws it back too.  An old man observes the child’s action and asked what she is doing.  The child replies that she is saving the starfish.  The old man laughs and tells the child that she cannot make a world of difference – she is only one and there are thousands of starfish.  The child bends, picks up another starfish and throws it back.  She then looks back at the old man and politely says “It made a world of difference to that one!”

At Hero777 we are not asking you to save the world.  We are asking you to TALK with your family, REGISTER as an organ and tissue donor and SHARE your decision of “Registering and Becoming a Donor” with seven people.  Challenge them to also become a Hero by registering as an organ and tissue donor.  Those seven people plus you can each save seven lives – which will give up to 56 people a second chance at life and help hundreds more with tissue!  It’s not the world, but to those 56 families it will make a World of Difference.  Imagine if each of those seven friends then told seven more friends each and so on ….we could really “make a difference” in the world!

So is REGISTERING really important?  Some say “no”.  Well, have you ever tried to run the Comrades Marathon?  You can tell people that you plan to run, you can even do some training, but people won’t necessarily believe you, until you register for the race.  Once you have registered to run then you have made the decision, set your mind to do it, and acted on it.  You can then show people your race number and tell other people planning to run “I’m running”.  For me REGISTERING as an Organ and Tissue Donor, in a similar manner, shows that you have made the decision, set your mind to do it, and acted on it by registering to become a donor.  You can then use your Organ Donor Registration Card and Organ Donor Stickers as the conversation starter to TALK to people about your plan to be an organ and tissue donor one day.  Its shows your commitment to your decision – and your family will not have any doubt when the time come to make the “Gift of Life” on your behalf.  Your display of commitment will also encourage them to commit too.

Maybe as an individual I can’t change the world, but each of us can SAVE SEVEN LIVES and change their world.  Be a Hero – register as an organ and tissue donor!

Sharing is caring!