Organ and Tissue donation in South Africa

About Organ and Tissue Donation – The GIFT of Organ and Tissue Donation SAVES LIVES

  • Organ donation
    For some people the transplant of a recipient organ to replace their diseased one is their only chance of a fulfilling life. Donations are made to people with damaged organs that need to be replaced.

    • Tissue donation
    • Tissues can be used to treat many life threatening conditions.

    • There are two types of donation
    • Living – living donors can give a kidney or part of their liver (which grows back) to a family member.

      Deceased – this is when a family donates their brain stem dead family members organs for transplantation to help save up to seven people’s lives and improve up to 50 more.
    • What can I donate?
    • You can donate seven organs in South Africa:

      • Heart
      • 2 x Lungs
      • Liver
      • 2x kidneys
      • Pancreas
      • You can also donate your tissue which includes skin, bone, heart valves and your corneas

Other donations you could do:

Blood and platelet donations: contact the SANBS South African National Blood Service to find out more and where the nearest centre to you is.

Bone Marrow Donations: contact the Sunflower Fund to find out more and where the nearest centre to you is.